Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Training Toddlers

If you want your children to be responsible, hard-working adults capable of taking care of themselves and their families when they're twenty, teach them when they're two :)

Here are some photos of our resident toddler in training.

Rachel helping Mommy wash dishes
Rinsing the soap off of her hands.
Helping RoRo plant strawberries.

Watering the dirt around the raised bed.  Maybe next time we'll work on getting the water onto the plants ;)

Helping wash Mommy's van.

Got to get that tire clean!

Helping "Unca Hees" bottle feed a neighbors baby goat.

Rachel is at an age where she loves to "help" with everything we do.  I believe it is SO important to encourage her so that when she gets older work is not seen as a negative experience, but as a positive experience that brings great satisfaction in a job well done. 

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  1. Yes, and Amen!
    My daddy always told us before we had children; you can't wait until they are 'old' enough to behave and to help to train them, you've got to begin as soon as they are born! Great post, Loretta! :)