Thursday, April 21, 2011

An Unusual Toy

Years ago when my children were young my Dad had to replace a culvert in one of  the creeks on his place.  He bought a large plastic culvert and cut it to fit the area where it was needed.   After cutting it to the desired length there was a four foot section left.  Daddy gave that to my children to play with and I have to say that piece of culvert has been the most played with and unusual "toy" my children ever had. 

When they were little they would play inside of it by crawling and making it roll.  As they got older they would walk on top of it and roll it around the yard.  They have crawled through it as a tunnel on a homemade obstacle course and turned it up on end when playing hide and seek.  The possibilities for play were limited only by their imaginations.

Yesterday, my youngest son Ferrell, took the time to clean that old section of culvert and brought it to the front yard for Rachel and Ellen to play with.  It brought back so many memories to see them crawling through that "tunnel".  I can honestly say that scrap piece of culvert has been the most loved play thing my children ever had.


  1. That toy was the best toy we ever had !

  2. Many fun hours were spent in and around that culvert, not just by us though, it was always a big hit with our friends as well. Good times! :)

  3. Oh this is so sweet! What a great post. Isn't it so true that the things we least expect turn to to be the best toys! I am so glad that I found your blog!!

  4. How many times have I already said in my young motherhood so far, "why do I even bother buying toys?" :D Things like this are treasures for children! My two older kiddos play with the couch cushions every day. And almost every day those cushions are something different.