Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Plums, Plums and More Plums

This past summer a dear friend of ours asked if I would be interested in picking plums from the trees in their backyard.  Of course the opportunity for "free food" was too good to pass up, so Ferrell and I went two days and picked plums.  I didn't really keep track of how many plums we picked, but it was A LOT.  

At the time I had several things going on here at home so all I did was cook out the juice and put it in the freezer with plans to make jelly during the winter.  Well, I've just gotten around to using those plums during the last month or so and have been making plum butter, plum jelly and plum "leather."  Yesterday was spent making more jelly.  Doesn't it look good?

Oh, and those dear friends I mentioned?  They brought me four MORE gallons of plums that they had frozen this past summer and decided they didn't want to "fool with".   Needless to say I will be making more plum butter, plum jelly and plum leather in the very near future. 

I am so thankful for God's abundance!

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  1. That does look good! We only got one small walmart bag of plums this year and I stretched it out to make a single batch of jelly. It's a favorite around here and I have to keep them all out of it.