Saturday, March 5, 2011

Lazy Saturday and A New Pet

Today is shaping up to be a lazy Saturday.  I think that it's good to have a day like that every once in a while, as long as it doesn't become a habit.  Here in Mississippi it's a dreary, rainy day that is making me want to sleep, but I don't think that I can get by with being THAT lazy :)  

I think my day will mostly consist of finishing a couple of loads of laundry, a couple of sewing projects I have started for my grandaughters, and straightening things up in the living room and kitchen.  All of my sons are off work today, so I will have "people" in and out all day at random times so I may put on a crockpot of Chili so that they can eat whenever they choose. 

All in all I'm kind of  looking forward to my lazy Saturday. 

Oh, I thought I would share a random picture of one of our resident non-dog-loving family members :)

Caleb & Roxie
Heath (who staunchly claims to NOT like dogs) brought this dog home a few months ago from work.  Apparently it had been hanging around the shop where he works and was not being treated very nicely.  She was very thin, roaming in and out of the highway, and overall just pitiful.   The ladies that work with Heath were all feeling sorry for the poor dog and somehow Heath volunteered to bring it home until we could maybe locate the owner (the dog had a collar).  We called around to different places and asked around, posted ads, etc. and of course we could not find the owner.   During the time that we were trying to locate her owner, Roxie managed to wrap herself around the heart of everyone here.  She is really a sweetheart and now that she is starting to gain weight and lose the scratches and cuts that she had when he brought her home, she is a really pretty dog.  OH, the BEST part!  Roxie was already house broken and leash trained, will not go in any room of the house except the living room, is totally non-destructive and adores my grandaughters.   Since she has been here since before Christmas I guess it's safe to say that we have a new pet :)


  1. Good for y'all for rescuing that sweet girl! It breaks my heart to see animals in that shape and being mistreated.

  2. I've always liked animals and don't like to see them suffer, but I'm afraid we are about to get dog poor around here :)

  3. She loves anybody who will give her food too.