Friday, March 11, 2011

All Better!

Well, I'm thankful to say that I'M feeling better, FERRELL is feeling better (with NO breathing treatments AT ALL!!!!), and ELLEN and RACHEL are feeling better.  This is the first time I've EVER had a cold that only lasted a couple of days.  My head is totally uncongested (is that a word?), my chest is not tight in the slightest, Ferrell hasn't coughed in two days and it is WONDERFUL!  I really can't say why we shook this cold so quickly, but I'm definitely leaning toward the Rosehips and Lavender playing a part.  Everyone's body is different and what works for me may very well NOT work for you, but I am really glad that I gave the Rosehips and Lavender a try!  

For the pink-eye I made a strong lavender tea, let it cool until was warm but not hot, and placed a bathcloth soaked in the lavender tea on my eye.  (If you try this be sure not to get the tea into your eye, but squeeze the excess liquid out of the bathcloth BEFORE placing on your eye).  I would leave it for a few minutes until it cooled completely wait about 30 minutes and do it again.  The first day my eye hurt a fair amount and watered like crazy, the second day the watering had stopped and it was only a little sore, by today no pain and no watering and NO antibiotic!!!!   Yay!!! 

When Amanda first noticed the girls eyes watering and turning pink she carried them to the doctor.  One of the girls had an ear infection and both had pink eye.  The doctor started them on antibiotics and after three days, the ear infection is better, but the red and watery eyes are still giving them a little trouble.   (Not to mention things like diarrhea and irritability that come from a child on antibiotics).  

We've been a little afraid to give the girls the herbal remedies since they are taking antibiotics, but I'm thinking we may need to at least give the lavender tea a try for their eyes.  I don't think it will hurt and it may actually help.  If nothing else the warmth will feel good to their eyes.  I'm glad they are better than they were, but I sure will be glad when they are completely over it and back to their normal, sunshiny selves :) 

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