Sunday, March 20, 2011

Menu Plan for the Week of 3/20/11

I am not creative by nature and if you look closely at my menus you will see quite a bit of repetition.  Sometimes it's just in the sides that I use, but sometimes the whole menu looks basically the same.  I also seem to cook the same things from October through March and then my menu changes to things I cook April through September.  I don't actually plan this, it just works out that way.

I guess the reason for that is because during the summer there is always more fresh produce available from my garden and through the local farmers market.  That means that during spring and summer I tend to lean more toward raw vegetables, pasta salads, stir fry, lettuce salad, grilled chicken, hamburgers, steamed vegetables and other things that don't heat up the house.

In the winter we usually have a good supply of venison and meats that are on sale through the holiday season and I find myself making a lot of soups, stews, and chili, in addition to overall "heavier" meals.

How many of you have a totally different menu during the Spring and Summer than you do through the Fall and Winter? 

Here's our plan for this week.  As you can see I'm not quite ready to transition to our typical Spring and Summer menu yet :)

Sunday - leftovers and sandwiches (I am battling asthma and allergies and don't feel like cooking)

Monday - Beef Casserole, Peas, corn on cob, fried green tomatoes

Tuesday - sloppy jo's, potato salad

Wednesday - soup and leftovers

Thursday - Minute Steak w/gravy, rice, baked sweet potato wedges, salad

Friday - Homemade Pizza, salad

Saturday - We'll be eating at church that's invited our family band to sing

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    I was going to reply to your you are a no-reply email type... (don't mean to lump you into a catagory) I'm actually glad, because I came over here to peruse your blog. I like what I see and will follow you now!LOL...
    How's that for an introductions?
    ~ begging pardon for my straightforwardness, Pat

    PS~ supper sounds good all this week!
    and I liked your Homeschooling post, too.