Thursday, March 10, 2011

Simple Smoothie Recipe

We drink a lot of breakfast smoothies and since I've recently been asked to share my smoothie recipe I thought I would share it here.  This is a simple, basic recipe.  There are many, many ways to make a good smoothie and it's really hard to mess them up. 

Simple Smoothie

1/2 cup milk (whole, low-fat, rice, almond, soy,
                      any kind will do)

1 cup yogurt (I use plain or vanilla, but you can use
                     whatever you like)

fruit of choice (ex:  2 ripe bananas, 1/4 cup strawberries,etc.
                          I usually use fruit from my freezer)

1 teaspoon honey (or your sweetener of choice)

1/4 cup ice cubes (I omit the ice cubes when using
                            frozen fruit)

Place all ingredients into a blender and mix until smooth.  I have an immersion blender that I use a lot of the time, especially if I'm only making one smoothie.  There you have it!  Smoothies made simple!


  1. I drink a smoothie almost every day!
    Love them!
    Also, just had to tell you that I just placed my first order with The Bulk Herb Store! I cannot wait to get my lovely teas in! I ordered Rise & Shine, Jasmine Green Tea, and Resolution Tea. I also ordered a tea ball and the mug tea strainer. I want a book next! I will try to check the library and see if they have any books on herbs.

    Have a great day!

    Your friend,

  2. I love to make smoothies in the morning for b/f or a snack during the afternoon. It is a great way to get a serving of fruit into the kids. Have a great day.


  3. Sarah, I love smoothies any time of day and it's amazing how many "good for you" items you can "hide" in there :)

    Liesa - Yay, for the Bulk Herb Store order. Let me know how you like the tea you ordered. I've been thinking about trying the Rise & Shine and also the Resolution Tea.