Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Good Monday

Monday was a good day for us here on the "old homestead."    We were able to continue working on the "ongoing" list of projects that need to be done, as well as keeping up with the laundry and other "normal stuff." 

I was able to put up quite a few jars of strawberry jam, in addition to working in the garden awhile.  I have to admit that I also took time to sit and watch the chickens and goats.  There is nothing any more relaxing to me than sitting on the porch and watching the goats graze and the chickens scratch and peck their way around the yard.  Throw in a couple of "strutting" roosters and you have quite a show. 

While I was busy with my various activities, my middle son, Caleb, was working on a trundle bed for my youngest grandaughter.  Due to the limited space in Amanda's home, she asked if Caleb could help her find a solution to three babies, one bedroom.  They settled on a trundle bed that will roll (with locking wheels :) under Rachel's daybed during the day and can be pulled out at night.  He built it in such a way that if she is later able to purchase bunk beds for the girls, then the trundle will serve as a big drawer for storage.   I'm very proud of the job that he did and Ellen is loving her "new" bed.

Rachel got in on the work as well by "helping" me work in the garden and also "helping" wash dishes.  It really blesses my heart to be able to "work" alongside these sweet babies as they learn and grow.    Later, after all of Rachel's hard work, we let them play in their little wading pool for an hour or so.  

Rachel is learning to be very watchful and protective of her little sister and yesterday I noticed that Ellen is beginning to look to Rachel for help with the things that she can't do yet.  It is so sweet to watch them play. 

I have had a great start to my week.  I hope you have too.

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