Monday, May 2, 2011

More Homestead Additions

Maybelle and Sunny Wether

Maybelle & Sunny Wether didn't quite know what to think about Rachel 

Saturday afternoon Amanda and I picked up our new "Homestead Additions".    We bought a purebred (unregistered) Sanaan doe (Maybelle)  and her baby boy (Sunny Wether).   (The previous owners said that it was a sunny day when they wethered the little guy, hence the name "Sunny Wether").   

We are so excited about our new additions and are looking forward to having fresh goats milk.   The previous owners had left Sunny on his Mama so it will be an adjustment for the little guy to switch to bottle feedings.  We thought we would give them a couple of days to settle in before we start milking.    


  1. They are so precious! That fresh milk will be a treat. Thanks for sharing them. Hugs!

  2. Thank you for stopping by and joining The Modern Day Redneck Family. I tell ya, I was raised on goats milk and goats cheese and found it hard to like cows milk again as an adult.
    Here at the Mini Farm we raise pygmy goats and do plan to make the soaps, cheeses and have that wonderful milk at our disposal. Our heard is now complete and I can start working on the milk production side of it.
    Thank you again for being a part of MDR and I look forward in reading and learning from your blog.