Sunday, May 22, 2011

Menu Plan for 5/22/2011

In case you haven't noticed I've been a very inconsistent blogger lately :)   Spring and summer are always a busy time for us and this year has been busier than usual.  I have discovered that I need some sort of weekly plan, since I absolutely do not accomplish as much without one.   So here's the plan for the week!

Sunday - Leftovers and Sandwiches

Monday - Bacon, Eggs, Grits and Biscuits

Tuesday - Sphagetti, Salad & Homemade Bread

Wednesday - Soup & Sandwiches

Thursday - Deer Meat with gravy, Rice & Steamed Vegetables

Friday - Beef Stir Fry & Rice

Saturday - Hobo Dinner

Breakfasts - Cheese Toast, Muffins, Hot or Cold Cereal, Fruit, and Smoothies

Lunches - Sandwiches, Soup, Leftovers, Fruit, and Smoothies

Snacks - Cheese & Crackers, Fruit, Smoothies, Muffins, and Cookies

Other things that I will be focusing on this week are:

Soaking and cooking beans for the freezer
Dehydrating strawberries
Making more plantain salve
Making two nursing cover-ups for a friend
Working in the garden
Making more plum jelly
Making goat's milk Soap
Making plain lye soap

In addition to these projects we are also hoping to give our house an overall deep cleaning over the next couple of weeks.  My middle son is having a friend come spend a week with us in June and I would like to have several things done before this visit.   I won't attempt to post that list here, but there are quite a few things that have been "let go" the last few months and I am hoping to catch up on those areas before our guest arrives.  That will free us up to relax and just enjoy the visit with (hopefully) fewer distractions.

I am also still spending quite a bit of time helping my daughter since she is continuing to have problems with her pregnancy.  She is seeing the doctor again this week and hopefully will be able to begin resuming normal activities.  

In the meantime, Rachel and Ellen spend most mornings with me.  I take them home for lunch and a nap (their Mom naps during this time as well) and after their nap they come back over for a couple of hours to play outside.  After playing outside they go home and watch a movie or play inside while I prepare supper.   Amanda and the girls usually eat supper with us and after supper, Ferrell does the dishes while I take the girls home to get baths and into their pajamas.   At that point I go home and finish anything that I didn't get done during the day and hopefully sit down with a cup of tea to unwind before bed. 

So what's your week looking like?

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