Friday, May 13, 2011

Our Two-legged AND Four-legged Kids at Play

Thought I would share some pictures of  the "kids" (both two legged and four legged) at play!

All of our kids enjoy playing in this old culvert.

Ellen loves the culvert, but isn't too sure about the goats :)
Ellen crawled in, but I don't think she realized Dottie was behind her!

This was right after she realized Dottie was in the culvert with her.

My oldest son Heath and his friend John decided that big kids like to play too :)

Heath & John "walking" the culvert

Heath & John falling off of the culvert :)

John was a little sick after his ride ;)

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  1. Oh these pictures are adorable!! Really they are so cute. How often can you see goats and children playing together like that? Looks like all were having great fun. I think I need to get us one of those.