Monday, May 23, 2011

A Normal Routine

Things have finally started to settle down and I am able to establish a routine of sorts.  For me, routines equal normal.   Even if our routine periodically changes or gets interrupted I still function much better if I have one.  Things have been so crazy around here the past few months that I am really thankful to finally have a routine in place that allows me to feel like I am accomplishing something instead of just "spinning my wheels".

So far today I have done the milking, washed & hung four loads of laundry, spent an hour playing in the yard with the grandbabies, made a double batch of plantain/comfrey/aloe salve, made a quick trip to town, spent an hour in the garden, made homemade deoderant, filled the hummingbird feeders, fixed snacks and lunch for the grandbabies, cleaned house (nothing intense just dishes, sweeping, straightening, etc.), put beans on to soak, and am now about to begin supper preparations.   That is the most I have accomplished in one day in a long time.  I think I am finally re-learning how to work around toddlers in the house and maybe, just maybe, I will be able to finished today's list tomorrow :) 

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