Friday, May 27, 2011

Not So Bad After All

Even though yesterday started out bad and I continued to drop, spill, run into, etc things for the rest of the day it ended up not being so bad after all.  

I took the time to enjoy my coffee (wet backside and all) and then proceeded to enjoy a bowl of chocolate pudding.  I think it was the pudding, but suddenly things started to look better.  I decided that it really didn't matter how many "accidents" I had, because I was still blessed.   I have a wonderful family, a great life, and gracious Heavenly Father and absolutely NO reason to be complaining. 

After my coffee and pudding revelation, my daughter, youngest son, two grandaughters and I spent most of the day in town running errands.  We had to get feed for all of the critters, groceries for the family, and while we were out we took time to deliver quite a few Avon books. 

My daughter, Amanda, is an Avon representative and since she desperately wants to homeschool her children and desperately does not want to have to work outside of the home while trying to do that, she is making a big effort to increase her customer base.  Soooo, if you or anyone you know would be interested in checking out her website you can find it here    When ordering online there is a minimal shipping fee (free for orders over $30) and the website includes any sales items and also the outlet store. 

By the time we finished running our errands, Amanda was really getting tired and the babies were really getting cranky, so we called it a day and headed home.   I think we were all ready for an early bedtime.  

I'm not sure yet what the day holds for us, but my plan is to work on my house cleaning "To Do" list and hopefully spend some time in the garden.  I also have a couple of errands to run this afternoon that I didn't get to yesterday.  All in all, I'm expecting to have a productive day.  I guess we'll see how it goes.

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