Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Making Soap and Enjoying Life

I am really enjoying my week so far.  It's been busy, but it's a normal kind of busy and that I can take delight in.  I've made a start on my "To Do" list for the company that we have coming in a couple of weeks and have also kept up fairly well with our "day to day" things (like the never ending laundry :).  

Today's plan is to make more goat's milk soap.  I made some last week and am planning to make a couple of batches today as well since I sold the last of what I already had on hand yesterday.  (I did keep a few bars for my family). 

Soapmaking is one of those things that I really enjoy doing.  I enjoy playing around with new recipes and learning what works and what doesn't.  I've been learning to add herbs and colorants to some of my soaps, since I have had a few people request that and it's been fun.  Some of my "experiments" have turned out well and some just haven't, but they're all fun.  

I usually make my experimental batches in a smaller (one pound) quantity, so that there is not as much waste if it flops.  It's fairly easy to adapt the recipes to larger quantities later using if the recipe is one I want to continue making. 

Today I will making a plain, unscented, goat's milk soap, because I am totally out and I have a few people that really like it for their children dealing with eczema.   I also plan to make the same recipe with Lavender scent  simply because I like it :) 

Well, I guess if I don't get started, I won't get finished so time to go.  I hope all of you are enjoying life as much as I am at the moment!

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