Tuesday, May 3, 2011

And Yet Another Homestead Addition

Do you get the feeling that this homesteading way of life is an ongoing project?  At least for us it is.  We have to do things a little at a time and decided that this year we would get goats and rabbits.  Today I picked up another goat for our little herd.  She is a purebred (non-registered) nubian doeling and very pretty.  The family that we got her from have twelve children and those children had already named her Dottie. 

Even though her "official" name is Dottie, I'm thinking it should have been "Little Miss Houdini!"  So far she has gotten out of the barn three times.  That wouldn't be an issue except that there are some non-goat friendly dogs in the area and I really would not like them to get my goats.  We typically let the goats out during the day when we are here, but at night (or if we are gone) I put them in the barn. 

I have spent most of this evening trying to "rig up" ways to keep "Little Ms. Houdini"  IN the barn when all she really wants to do is be OUT of the barn.  This is the first goat I've ever had that has gotten out of the barn.  I thought it was "goat proof", but evidently I have a lot to learn :) 

Oh well, I like a goat with personality and that 's a good thing, because she definitely has personality :)

Here's a picture of our new addition.  It's not very good, because it was taken while I was trying to keep her penned in a small area while I worked on "goat proofing" the rest. 

Dottie aka "Little Miss Houdini"


  1. That's a very pretty Nubian. I hope you find a way to keep her in. Some goats are just like that, some are perfectly satisfied to stay where they're put.

  2. I don't have goats (yet) but am really wanting to have a couple for milk and cheese. Now I really want one! I can see where the kids got the name Dottie! What a neat little critter!

  3. She's very sweet and I think I have finally got things "fixed/rigged" so that she can't get out. I hope so anyway :) Now I have to rig it where my grandaughter can't get in :)