Monday, May 9, 2011

Plan for the week

My menu plan for this week is very tentative and includes more salad/slaw than usual.   This is mainly because my daughter's pregnancy has been classified high risk and her doctor wants her to take it easy and that means I will be spending a lot of my time making sure that Amanda is eating and resting.  I will also have two sweet little girls spending a LOT of time with their RoRo for the next few weeks.

 I know that I will thoroughly enjoy the girls, but due to the fact that one of them is not quite three years old and the other is 16 months old it will be a little difficult for me to get much accomplished.  That's okay though, because building relationships is far more important than cleaning house :)   

Rachel loves to work in the garden so I'm sure that will be on the agenda for the week.   She also enjoys the goats so I'm sure we will also be spending some time "working" in the barn as well.  (Now, if we can just convince our "little Ellie girl" that the animals are not trying to attack her everytime they come close, we'll be doing good :)  

If Amanda is feeling fairly well, I am hoping to make some mozzarella cheese with some of my goats milk and I have a few recipes I want to try for soft cheeses as well.   I also need to make some gluten free bread for Caleb and hopefully make up a few more meals for Amanda's freezer so that she will not have to worry about cooking.   

Tuesday I will be driving my Dad to his doctors appointment which is over an hour away and we will be taking the girls with us so that Amanda can rest.  It should be interesting, don't you think?  I'm hoping to be able to work in a little bit of shopping while we are in Tupelo, but it depends on how my Dad is feeling and how well the girls are cooperating.   We'll just have to see how it goes, but for now here's our tentative meal plan.

Sunday - Roast with potatoes, carrots and green beans

Monday - Tuna Casserole and salad

Tuesday - Bar-b-que Chicken (crockpot), salad, and rice

Wednesday - Smoked Sausage, Rice, and Beans

Thursday - Chicken Enchiladas and salad

Friday - Hamburgers, Homemade Baked Beans, Cabbage Slaw

Saturday - Leftovers

Breakfast  - muffins, smoothies, fruit, hot cereal, eggs/toast/bacon

Lunch - leftovers, soup, muffins, sandwiches, smoothies, fruit/cheese

snacks - cheese/fruit, smoothies, jello, homemade chocolate/vanilla pudding

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