Thursday, January 6, 2011

Was Today a Good Day or Not?

I'm trying to decide if today was a good day or not.   I really don't like days where I have to get up early and leave the house knowing that I won't be home to until late afternoon.   This was one of those days!  Amanda and I were in town running errands by 8:00 this morning.  We carried Ellen with us, but since Rachel was still sleeping Alan said that he would let her stay home with him.  We were back home by 10:00 at which point we unloaded the car, changed the girls diapers, picked up my mother and headed to Grenada.  Amanda had some Avon deliveries there and since both of my parents are from Grenada we usually try to stop by and see one or two family members while we are there.  

Most of the time I ride with Amanda when she makes deliveries to Grenada for a couple of  reasons.  One because of the family members that live there and since my mother doesn't drive anymore and my Dad rarely feels like driving they don't get to go visit family unless one of us takes them. 

Secondly, there is a salvage grocery store there that always seems to have quite a bit of gluten free food in stock.  Today I bought three banana boxes of food for next to nothing.  If you have ever bought gluten free you know that it can add up quick!  I have to say it really is worth the hour drive to get there when I can get $150 worth of  gluten free food for $45 to $50.    Usually we make it up there twice a month (depending on the number of Avon orders) and we always make a point to stop by the salvage store.  Sometimes we luck out like today and get a lot and other times there may only be a couple of things gluten free, but we also buy most of our canned goods, juice for the girls, peanut butter, etc. there.   

I think I have decided that today WAS a good day if I quit thinking about what DIDN'T  get done and start thinking about what DID get done.   Being able to have a good supply of "cheap" gluten free foods on hand definitely saves us money, therefore it's a good thing don't you think?


  1. Where is this store? I need to get Erma to check for me.

  2. It's on Hwy. 8 heading into Grenada from Cadaretta. It's on a hill on the left side of the Highway. They don't always have gluten free, but when they do it's usually a lot. I got 8 bags of xanthan gum one time for .50 a bag. It's usually $10.95 a bag around here.