Saturday, January 22, 2011

Our Favorite Herbal Tea

Actually, we have more than one favorite herbal tea.  Amanda and I both love herbal teas and have been able to grow some of the herbs ourselves, which for some reason makes the tea taste even better :)  For the herbs that we don't raise ourself, we purchase in bulk from the Bulk Herb Store.  We also use some of the herbal teas found in our local grocery store.  However, with the exception of Celestial Seasonings Red Raspberry Zinger, I really prefer tea blends that I make myself. 

Amanda and I both like the Red Raspberry Zinger on it's own,  but lately I've been adding one tea bag of it to my pot of tea made with the Hawthorn powder from the Bulk Herb Store.  I also, occasionally, use the loose Red Raspberry leaf that I have and mix it with the Hawthorn powder.  We actually drink Red Raspberry Tea because we love it, but it has health benefits as well.  Red Raspberry is good to use during the later part of pregnancy and also helps with things like menstrual cramps, etc.

Another tea that we like, especially in the winter, is Ginger Root tea.  I like the flavor of Ginger Root Tea and it is a good warming tea, but we also use it to help with nausea, diarrhea, immune building, etc.    We sometimes mix it with Peppermint leaves to enhance the digestive benefits and also to enjoy a slightly different flavor.  We've found that the peppermint helps to relieve mild congestion if we have a cold.

Cinnamon Tea is another favorite and we use it mostly during the winter to help with sore throats and mild congestion.  It is also good to help warm you up on a cold day and I have read that it is good for mental stimulation as well, which I desperately need :)

There are several other herbal teas that we enjoy, but the ones listed above are the ones we use most often for the taste and for the medicinal benefits.  Occasionally we make lemon balm, chamomile or maybe  a cup of the Celestial Seasonings Peach or Blueberry.  I also plan to start drinking more dandelion tea, mainly because I've been reading a lot about the health benefits, but also because we have such an abundance of dandelion in the summer.  

I would love to hear from you about the tea your family enjoys.  Leave me a comment!


  1. Oh wow, I can learn so much from you. I just started drinking hot tea maybe 2 years ago, and I don't venture out much....the one I have found out of maybe 4 or 5 that I've tried it Lipton green tea with Acai berry and Blueberry. LOVE IT straight! My other favorite is the orange spice. Not too keen on the plain green tea or other's....but I would like to learn more about the health benefits. I will look into the website you gave in another post, etc....thanks. Keep blogging about it! I have planned on blogging about my new favorite, but just trying to get through with the Christmas/birthday/snow posts! lol.

    Have a great weekend!


  2. Thanks for providing such useful information to us.

  3. Nice to find your blog..via By Geore...

    I love homemade Ginger tea...

    my daughter is doing holistic studies and has shared many wonderful tips about health.

    Her husband while at war...swallowed Garlic whole and kept well with this natural antibiotic!

    I drink Organic Apple Cider Vinegar daily and found my Fibro issues curtailed! Amazing.

    I am a tea lover and also my fav is the raspberry zinger!

    Hope to visit you often.
    thank you for the information you have here.