Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow on the Homestead

We occasionally have ice, but rarely do we have a good "old fashioned" snow here in Mississippi.  When we do actually get a good snow it creates a festive spirit around the old homestead and requires me to throw out all schedules and schooling to take advantage of the opportunity to enjoy it while it lasts.  Here's a few pictures of  our snowy homestead.
Watering the chickens
Feeding the horses

Rachel & Uncle Caleb having a snowball fight!

Watering the horses

Shoveling snow out of the horse trough

Rascal patiently waiting for breakfast

Snowball fight!

Daddy enjoys a good snowball fight as much as anyone!

My mother got in on the fun!

I hope everyone else is enjoying the snow as much as we have!  

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