Saturday, January 1, 2011


I've spent most of this morning thinking about my personal goals for 2011.  As I mentioned before, I'm not much for making (and keeping) New Year's Resolutions, but I do like to set (hopefully attainable) goals for myself.   I thought I would share a few for the purpose of accountability.  I somehow think that if I share my goals, then maybe I will be more likely to fulfill them :)  Don't worry I won't share the WHOLE list. 

Scripture Memorization (I've gotten slack on this in the past year)
Have a closer walk with my Heavenly Father
Lose 10 pounds  (this will put me fitting into my clothes a little more comfortably)
Exercise at least three times a week
Blog more consistently (at least once a week)
Be more consistent with menu planning (possibly posting menu plans to help me follow through better)
Begin Christmas shopping/crafting in January (DO NOT wait until the last minute)
Expand my herb garden and learn more about medicinal herbs
Go wildcrafting (would love to learn to identify beneficial plants in the wild)

I have quite a few more, but some of them are more "dreams" than actual goals.   We also have quite a few goals for our family as a whole, but those are a subject for another day.  What are your goals for 2011?


  1. We actually have some of the same goals. Surprised? LOL! We are really going to concentrate on homesteading and developing a home business with all the children. So many ideas....Jeff and I are going out for some quiet time to discuss some of them.

  2. We're also working toward a home business and homesteading. One of the unmentioned projects is to hopefully purchase a milk goat or two. Right now we only have horses, chickens and turkeys. Thinking about raising rabbits again too. We're praying that God continues to guide us and open doors for home business opportunities.