Friday, January 7, 2011


I haven't made any soap since before Christmas so I decided that it is now time for me to get back into my soapmaking routine.  I usually try to devote one day a week to soapmaking.  Sometimes I'll make several large batches and sometimes I'll only make one or two small ones (especially if I'm experimenting with new recipes).  Today I decided to experiment with a small batch using cocoa powder and peppermint essential oil.  It smells so good and I can't wait until it cures so that I can give it a try.   I am calling it "Peppermint Chocolate Milk".  (As you can tell I have absolutely no imagination when it comes to naming things :)  

Amanda and I are planning to sell our soaps at a local farmers market this year as well as a couple of other "festivals" that we are in the process of checking out, so I am trying to build a good inventory of soaps to have on hand.  During Christmas we sold most of what we had so it is definitely time for me to get busy. 

I'll be posting pictures of some of our newest soaps soon.  Hope everyone has a great weekend and can stay warm in spite of the weather that's predicted for our area.  (Oh and by the way, if this post sounds rushed and disjointed, that's because it is.  We're having internet issues (AGAIN) and I'm trying to post before it goes out.)

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