Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sneaky Onions

When my children were younger they were convinced that they did not like onions.  I knew that it wasn't the flavor of onions they didn't like, but the texture.  My solution to that problem was to peel and chop the onions and run them through the food processor.  The onions were chopped so tiny that they could be added to a dish without detection by my children.    As they have gotten older, with the exception of one, all of my children will eat onion without complaint.

Amanda has the same issue, not with her children, but with her husband.  He thinks that he doesn't like onions, but she has discovered that if he can't see them, he likes them just fine.  So what she does is run the onions through the blender until they are finely chopped (almost liquified) and freezes them in ice cube trays.  When frozen she puts the onion cubes into a ziploc bag and adds a couple of cubes to her soups, stews, casseroles, etc.    Alan has never made any complaint on the added flavor and usually will eat more than one helping. 

Chopped onions freeze well and although you may cry buckets of tears while preparing them for the freezer, it is really nice to have your onions already peeled and chopped when you need them.  You can also freeze them in ziploc bags in larger portions when cooking for a larger  family.   Maybe we should feel guilty for "sneaking" onions into our food, but they are really good for you and, in our opinion, they greatly enhance the flavor of most dishes.  Do any of you "hide" vegetables in your meals?

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