Friday, June 24, 2011

Our Thursday

Thursday is payday for my husband, so that is typically my "town day" if all goes according to plan.  Yesterday started off as usual with milking, clean-up, quiet/Bible time with coffee on the porch, etc.  

After the morning chores and quiet time were complete I went over to help my daughter "bug bomb" her trailer.  She has been having lots of ants and spiders recently and it seems that no amount of cleaning can get rid of them, so it was time to get aggressive :).   We covered what needed to be covered, packed the girls things for the day, and got busy. 

After bombing the house she had to be out of it for four hours, sooo, since sweet Ferrell volunteered to babysit, we decided to go on to town as usual for groceries and a few other errands.    One of our stops was the local produce house where I was glad to purchase a bushel of butterbeans, some squash and a few tomatoes.  I have been literally CRAVING a good tomato sandwich.  I bought tomatoes there last week and they were really good, so I decided I had to have some more.  I think I could survive the whole summer eating nothing but tomato sandwiches.

By the time we got home from town it was time to start airing out Amanda's trailer and get it cleaned up.  We spent most of the afternoon washing bedding, couch covers, mopping floors, washing counter tops, tables, bookshelves, toys, re-washing dishes, towels, and anything that those babies could crawl on, touch, or put into their mouths.   It took several hours to get it all done, but she now has a very clean, hopefully, bug free home. 

After we got her trailer cleaned, I went ahead and canned the butterbeans, because I knew that I had several other things I want to work on today.  I ended up with seven quarts of butterbeans canned and I froze two quarts for my mother.  She doesn't liked canned vegetables, because they don't taste as close to fresh.  She's right, of course, she usually is, but I don't have enough freezer space this year, so I will be canning and dehydrating most of our produce when it's possible. 

Since, I do have a lot to do today I guess I better hop to it.  Hope everyone has a great weekend.

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  1. We had a time with ants back in the spring. It rained so much that it drove them in the house, Now that it is dry, they are gone. But the spiders are still around :O( I hate spiders! It is good to clean everything, just to make sure no one gets sick.

    Have a good day!

    Christi jo