Tuesday, April 12, 2011


My Nannie was one those people that could make anything grow.  Sometimes I think she could plant a dead stick and make it bloom.  Her yard was always beautiful with an abundance of beautiful flowers of all kinds. 

I, however, DO NOT have a green thumb.  At least not when it comes to flowers.  For some reason I just cannot make flowers do well.   I think it's sad, because I really, really love flowers and I love having flowers in my yard, but unless it's something that you plant for a short growing season they just won't hardly make it here. 

I have (in my 13 years of living here) managed to keep one rosebush alive and it's blooming, and it's beautiful, and I thought I would share pictures.

My "Joseph's Coat" rosebush.   Usually there are at least three (sometimes) four colors on this bush at one time.  This is my favorite rosebush.  Of course it's the only one that's actually mine :)

This is Amanda's "Joseph's Coat" rosebush.  It's about three years "younger" than mine.  See how big it is?  Yeah, it's the whole "green thumb" thing again ;)

I don't know the "official" name of this rose, but I think it's pretty.  It's also Amanda's.  So far, my little "Joseph's Coat" rose is the only one I've ever been able to keep alive for more than a few weeks.  I'm just NOT good with flowers!

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  1. They are all quite beautiful with their different colors! I love any flowers. Thanks for sharing. Luv-Loretta