Monday, April 25, 2011

Homestead Additions

Amanda and I have been wanting to start breeding rabbits again for about a year, but we haven't actually done it.  Saturday we had to go to the local Co-op for horse feed and while we were there we saw some folks with "Easter" rabbits for sale.   It just so happened that the rabbits were New Zealand Whites which are exactly what we were wanting to get for breeding stock and they were selling for a much lower price than the rabbits we had been checking into.  We bought two does and are hoping to find a buck from another source soon.   My grandaughters are loving their "bunnies" and Amanda and I are looking forward to breeding them in a few months and having fresh rabbit in the freezer. 

For the record, the two cute little "bunnies" we bought Saturday are our future breeders.  They will NOT be the ones in the freezer.  We don't make pets out of anything we plan to eat.

Here's a few pictures of our recent homestead additions.

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  1. Those are real cuties! Good idea not to name food. When one of the children went to the barn to feed a steer up to fatten, I would caution them, that's beefsteak, don't pet. Unfortunately, I haven't followed my own advice and have named several chickens.