Thursday, April 7, 2011

Can't Wait!

I am so excited!  Yesterday on our way back from my son Caleb's doctors appointment we were able to go by and pick out our new baby goat!  Sort of! 

I've had the opportunity to milk a few times for some friends of ours and mentioned to them that I was wanting to get goats again.  She called last week and they will be selling some of the babies they have and wondered if I was interested.  After talking to my family we decided that I could get one of her little doelings which will be ready to milk by next spring and in the meantime I would like to see if I can find one that is already milking.  If I can't, we at least have this little girl to look forward to next year. 

When we stopped by we found that they have three little doelings, but my friends children have all laid claim to them.  She and her husband are planning to keep one of them and sell the other two.  I gave her my order of "goat preference" and she will be getting back to me in a couple of weeks when the babies are weaned.   I can't wait.

I also got two gallons of milk from her while I was there and am hoping my live Kefir cultures arrive today.  I can't wait to start making kefir and will be making yogurt today as well.  

I guess the plan for the moment is to get the barn ready and "dog proofed" before we bring our new little girl home.  I'm also looking for a small wether as a companion for her, since past experience showed me that goats are VERY social.  I'll be posting pictures when she gets here.  Can't Wait!


  1. It's always so exciting to get new animals. What kind of milk goat is she? I look forward to the pictures.

  2. She's a Nubian. We had Nubians and Alpines before and I love both breeds. So much personality :)

  3. I hope your sons doctor appointment went well. How much fun to be geting some goats to milk! I would love to have a few goats at our place some day. Hope you have a great day.
    Cary Ann

  4. Oh how exciting! Don't forget to share pics with us. Have a great day! Luv-Loretta

  5. Hope Caleb got some answers at the doctor's appointment. Praying for him and the rest of you!