Sunday, April 24, 2011

Plan for the Week

I really have not had time to plan a menu for the week, so I have no idea what we will be eating.  I have quite a few things in the freezer so my plan is to just "wing it" this week. 

My son, Caleb, is having a small bowel series Monday morning at 7:30 to check for possible small bowel lymphoma, which is a possible complication of Celiac Sprue.  It's rare, but since my daughter had cancer at a young age the doctor wants to go ahead and check for the possibility.    We should have all of the test and biopsy results back by Friday.

Tuesday I'm taking my Dad to the doctor in Tupelo.  Hopefully, if my Dad is feeling okay, we will be making a stop at Sam's.  I haven't been in several months and have quite a few items I would like to restock.

Wednesday, if everything works out, I am supposed to pick up one of our goats.  She's a little nubian that will be ready for breeding this fall.  Thursday we are supposed to pick up another goat.   This one will be a Sanaan that freshened about a week ago, so we will have several months of fresh goats milk.  I am so looking forward to having goats again.    

Friday should be a relatively normal day, with nowhere to go and nothing to do.  Sounds good doesn't it?   Well, that's my week at a glance, what's your week looking like?

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