Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Today's Plan

The plan for today is to "catch up".  Last week and the first part of this week has been totally crazy with errands, doctor's appts., and sick children so you can probably imagine what things are looking like around here. 

Yesterday was "super crazy."  It started with taking my Dad to his doctors appointment.  After spending a couple of hours there I came home and picked up Caleb for his doctors appointment.  On the way for Caleb's endoscopy we stopped at the pharmacy to drop off my Dad's prescriptions.  When Caleb's procedure was finished I brought him home and got him into the bed, picked up Amanda and the girls, went to my parents and picked up their grocery list (my Mom doesn't drive anymore) and headed to town.  After pickings up my Dad's meds, buying our groceries, and getting the groceries sorted out and delivered to the correct house it was time for supper.  

My sweet, sweet, youngest son had prepared deer meat, rice and steamed vegetables for our supper.  In addition to cooking supper, he had washed, line dryed and folded all of the laundry, swept the floors, cleaned the kitchen (he cleaned it again after supper), and took care of the chickens and horses.   Somehow in the midst of doing all of these chores (without being asked) he still managed to fit in school.  Such a blessing.  It meant so much to come home to a hot meal after a crazy day and having the laundry done was an added bonus.  What made it even more special was that I never asked.  He just did it, because it needed to be done.  I LOVE that kid!

Oh, I forgot to mention that after all of the crazy running around we did yesterday little Rachel managed to stick a piece of plastic up her nose and get it stuck.  We seriously thought we were going to have an E.R. visit, but somehow Amanda managed to get it out.   Honestly, the things kids think of is beyond me. 

Today's plan is to pick up fresh goat's milk, make pancakes for the freezer, make a loaf of gluten free bread for Caleb, sweep & mop the whole house (I hope), clean the bathrooms, straighten my bedroom (which looks like a disaster), soak beans to cook for the freezer, and clean my desk.   I also need to figure a way to rearrange my kitchen to make it a little more "gluten free friendly" since there are five of us in the house and Caleb is the only one gluten free and he is EXTREMELY sensitive to cross contamination.  

Well, I guess if I don't get started I won't get finished.  Hope you have a great day!

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  1. Hello dear friend. You have been a busy girl! I hope everyone gets well soon, and you get 'caught up' enough to rest some. We are still praying for Caleb...and for all of your family. What affects one, affects all. I know that's the way ya'll are as well. You take care. Love, Liesa

    P.S. Your roses are beautiful!