Sunday, April 17, 2011

Menu Plan for Week 4/17/11

Here's the plan:

Sunday - Hodge Podge (everyone fends for themselves ;)

Monday - Hamburger Steak w/gravy, Rice, Steamed Vegetables

Tuesday - Stir Fry and Rice

Wednesday - Ham, Garlic Potatoes, Raw Veggies

Thursday - Chicken & Rice Soup and Taco Soup

Friday - leftovers

Saturday - Bar-b-que Ribs, Cabbage Slaw, Homemade Baked Beans

Breakfast - Oatmeal, Eggs & Grits w/toast, applesauce muffins, pancakes, fruit & smoothies

Lunch - Sandwiches, Fruit & Smoothies, Pasta Salad, Soup

Snacks - Popcorn, Fruit & Smoothies, Cheese & Crackers, Homemade Bread w/jam

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