Thursday, April 14, 2011


Finally things are beginning to become more normal.  I know that there are people who spend a large portion of every day away from their homes and still seem to accomplish all that they plan.  I am not one of those people.  I have always been a "homebody" by nature.  I enjoy my home and family and for the most part am perfectly content to be right here.  

I will be spending most of today, tomorrow and Saturday continuing to catch up on some things.  I have two huge pots of beans cooking for the freezer and was able to get some chicken cooked and frozen yesterday.  I didn't get the pancakes cooked as I had planned so I am hoping to do that as well as make a few pies and casseroles for the freezer.  That should make next week quite a bit simpler. 

I am really enjoying my supply of fresh goat's milk and may have the opportunity to milk for my friends again this weekend.  So far, we've mostly been using the milk for drinking and making yogurt and kefir.  I used some of the kefir for Caleb's gluten free bread yesterday and he absolutely loved it.  He said that it reminded him of sourdough bread, which is one thing that he greatly misses since being gluten free. 

Oh, a quick update on Caleb.  He had the endoscopy done Tuesday and the procedure went well.  The doctor re-confirmed the diagnosis of Celiac Disease.  The blood work looked good and there seems to be no malabsorption concerns at the moment, which is also good.  Caleb will be having a colonoscopy next Thursday to see if he is also dealing with Crohn's Disease since he is still having symptoms, even after being gluten free for two years.   He is ready to get all of the testing over with and find something to get his pain, fatigue and other issues under control.   I am trying to be very conscious of cross contamination possibilities in the hopes that maybe this will help him.  With so many people in our home I know that it could happen and to be honest I really hope that's what's going on with him, instead of Chrohns. 

We came up with a few ideas yesterday about rearranging the kitchen  to make Caleb's gluten free area more isolated, so we'll see how that works. 

Well, I guess it's time to get moving.  Hope your day is great!

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