Sunday, April 3, 2011

Menu for week of April 3 - 9

Since this week is looking like a pretty hectic one, I am really glad to have a meal plan in place ahead of time.   An added bonus is having a lot of it already cooked and in the freezer!  Sooo, here's the plan!

Sunday - Leftovers & Sandwiches
Monday - White beans and Ham, Cornbread, Salad
Tuesday - Steamed veggies, Ham, Rice, and Bread
Wednesday - Leftovers & Turkey Rice Soup
Thursday - Southern Sausage Pilaf, Salad
Friday - Hamburgers & Potato Wedges
Saturday - BLT's & Soup

Breakfast - Oatmeal bread, pancakes, hot or cold cereal, fruit, smoothies

Lunch - sandwiches, leftovers, soup, fruit & muffins, smoothies, salad

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