Monday, February 28, 2011

Wonderfully Busy Weekend

We had a wonderful weekend here at home.  At least, I did anyway :)  Caleb and Murry both had to work so I'm not sure how wonderful their weekend was, but mine was great. 

Saturday was very, very busy, but busy doesn't necessarily mean bad.  This Saturday, busy was good, very, very, good.  I spent most of the day putting up plum butter and plum jelly from plums that I had picked in the summer and frozen.   My mother also gave me a ham so I sliced it and now have several bags of ham in my freezer.  In addtion to the plums and the ham, I washed  and line dryed five loads of laundry, milked goats (and fed baby goats) for my neighbor, ran a couple of errands, made preparations for Sundays lunch and supper, played with my grandaughters (always a priority) and went over garden plans with Caleb when he got home from work.  That kind of busy I take delight in! 

Sunday was quite uneventful, which is also delightful.  We went to church as usual and thanks to my wonderful programmable rice cooker/steamer, lunch was ready when we got home.   After lunch I sat on my porch with the laptop for awhile and then read for awhile.  Of course I'm sure you already know that I also had to squeeze in a Sunday afternoon nap :).  By the time I woke from my nap it was time to get ready for evening services.  We had two wonderful services yesterday and I feel "fired up and ready" for a new week.

Today's plan is to put up more plum jelly and plum butter, make some breakfast foods for the freezer, go over a few school items with Ferrell, and possibly move the chicken tractor again.  It's starting to look a little stormy here so I guess I better go check on the critters before it starts raining.  Hope ya'll have a great week!


  1. Wow, never had plum butter but it sounds great to me, I love plum jelly.

  2. We had never had plum butter before either, but it was soooo good :) I definitely plan on making more.