Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Quick and Easy Lunch Ideas

Thought I would share some of the quick and easy lunches that we have around here.  Most of the time it's only me and Ferrell here for lunch, but some of these pack well for the other guys to brown bag it.

Pasta salad  (pasta cooks up quick and we
                    usually have raw or lightly steamed
                    veggies in the fridge to add with
                    just a little Italian Dressing for a
                   quick and filling lunch)

Soup  (either leftovers from the previous night or
           one of the single serving containers that
            I keep in the freezer)

Sandwiches (we usually have some sort of lunch
                   meat in the fridge.  If not there is
                   usually some cooked and shredded roast,
                   chicken or turkey to mix with mayo, pickles,
                   boiled eggs, etc. to make a delicious

Muffins (I usually have some type of muffin or homemade
              bread baked and in the freezer)

Fruit or fruit smoothies

Scrambled eggs and toast  (Around here eggs aren't just for breakfast)

Cooked and seasoned beans from the
freezer (heated and run through the blender and
            served with sour cream, cheese, salsa and
             tortilla chips)

Leftovers from the previous nights supper

I guess that Sundays are the only day that we make lunch our "main meal" of the day.  For the rest of the week everyone is eating lunch in different places and at different times.  Having things that can be prepared quickly and easily is a big help for the guys that carry their lunches, but also for me and Ferrell since neither of us have to get "off task" for very long.  This is what works for us.  I would love to hear what you do for lunch at home.

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