Tuesday, February 8, 2011

January Accountability Check

Back at the beginning of January I posted some of my goals for 2011.  I had intended to do an accountability check at the beginning of February, but am just now getting around to doing it.

So far I have only lost one pound, but I actually haven't been working all that hard on it either.  I haven't yet started exercising regularly, but we are just now getting settled into a "real routine."  I don't know why it's taken me so long to "regroup" after the holidays, but for some reason it has.  Now that I have a "sort of" routine worked out, I am hoping to get started next week with a regular exercise plan.  Exercise for me usually includes walking, stretching, and occasionally an exercise DVD when the weather is too cold or wet for me to walk outside. 

I am also struggling with Scripture memorization.  My children have always been much better at that than I am, but I am persevering.  I can say that my personal Bible study time has been very good this year.  God continues to bless our family in many unexpected ways.  I am learning more and more about the areas that I need to turn completely over to Him.  I struggle greatly with wanting everything to be the way I think (know) it should be, but I am learning that I need to let go of some things and let God handle them.  My time alone with Him has become very precious to me.

I have already been working on ideas for Christmas and birthday gifts and am working on some projects for the Christmas craft fairs (as well as other craft fairs) that we are planning to attend this year. 

We had sold out of almost all of the soap we had made before Christmas and I am just now getting back into my routine of weekly soapmaking.  I am hoping to spend at least one day (possibly two) making soap each week in order to have a good supply. 

I know it's early, but I have already been looking at seed catalogs and making plans to expand my herb garden.  I am also hoping to have a larger vegetable garden this year. 

I have done much better with my blogging so far.  I have been able to consistently blog several times a week and intentionally don't blog on the weekends in order to keep that time devoted to my family and home. 

There are so many more goals that I would like to accomplish before this year is out, but I am trying to take them one step at a time.  In the past I have had a habit of overwhelming myself with tasks and then only being able to accomplish a small portion of them.  In my "old age" I'm learning that I need to pace myself.  By tackling one thing at a time, I am able to stay focused and not get "spread all over the place" like I usually do. 

I hope to post another accountability check at the end of February and I hope that everyone will bear with me.  I just know that if I tell others my goals then I am much more likely to follow through.  I appreciate everyones patience.  This time I decided to post some long term goals, but also a couple of monthly goals as well.  Can you tell that I really need accountability?  It seems that's the only way I get anything done and since my children are all older they aren't around all day every day to remind me of what I should be doing.  I know that seems backward and that I should be the one reminding them, but around here it quite often works the other way.  They remind me of what I had intended to do and that always helps motivate me to go ahead and do it.

February Goals at a Glance

Improve Scripture Memory
Consistent blogging
Lose at least one pound (I know it's ridiculous.  I should be
                                     aiming for at least 5 pounds, but
                                     knowing myself so well, I'm
                                     shooting for one pound  at a
                                     time :)
Begin exercising
Finish garden planning and start seeds inside (tomato, cucumber, squash, pepper)
Clean my desk and surrounding shelf area
Clean & Straighten Kitchen Cabinets
Make soap at least once a week

If I'm totally honest, this list  is probably all that I will be able to accomplish in addition to our daily cleaning, laundry, schooling, living, etc.  I'll let you know how I did at the end of the month.

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