Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Afternoon with the Goats

Last Friday afternoon a friend of mine called and said that they were planning to be out of town on Saturday and were wondering if I would milk their goats for them.  I have to say that I was VERY excited to help them out. 

We had milk goats when my children were younger, but when Amanda had cancer I wasn't able to keep up with everything, so we ended up getting rid of all of our goats, chickens, and rabbits.   We now have chickens again and have been talking about getting rabbits and goats, but haven't completely decided yet.  

I  always enjoyed milking, but I didn't realize just how out of practice I was.  You can tell by the picture that when milking the first goat I managed to get almost as much milk on the goat and the ground as I did in the bucket.

This was the first goat I milked Saturday.  As you can see I had a little trouble getting started :)

The babies wanted  to see everything :)

I have to say, that for me, it was an enjoyable Saturday afternoon.  I had forgotten how much fun baby goats can be and how much I enjoyed milking and caring for livestock.  I'm seriously thinking that milk goats may be in my future :)

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