Friday, February 25, 2011

Mud Pies and Playhouse

Many, many years ago when my children were small, my Dad built a playhouse for them.  This playhouse is tall enough for me to stand upright and had room for all of my children at the same time.  It has three windows that open and also a full size door.  The door can have only the top portion opened or it can have both the top and bottom opened. 

Ferrell decided (with a little help from Rachel) to clean the playhouse so the girls could use it.  It took a good bit of cleaning before it was usable and it still needs a paint job, but here's a few pictures of Rachel making mud pies and enjoying it as it is.

Rachel can barely see over the half door :)

It definitely needs a coat of paint and also some steps for the girls.

Rachel has been busy :)

Oh, for the record, it was only called a PLAYHOUSE when Amanda was playing in it.  If the boys were using it, it became a CLUBHOUSE ;)

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