Monday, August 2, 2010


The month of August is always a busy one for us.  Not only do we start school in August, we also have quite a few birthday's and anniversary's scattered throughout the month.  We start off on August 3 with the birthday of my youngest son, Ferrell.  Then comes my birthday on the 5th of August.  My mother-in-law's birthday is the 6th of August and my father-in-law's birthday is the 11th of August.  My parents anniversary is the 9th of August, my son-in-law has a birthday on the 21st of August and my oldest grandaughter's birthday is the 24th of August.  Throw in a few friends and extended family with birthdays and anniversarys and it makes for a busy (and potentially expensive) month.  

I think our method of gift giving has become the idea behind Family Made.  Amanda and I spend quite a bit of time making gifts or bargain shopping (way in advance) for our family and we thought we would share some of our ideas with you.  Gift giving, when I am the recipient, gives the most pleasure if it is something practical.   For instance, I love to garden.  This year I have requested boards (scap will do), compost (hauled from our compost bin), and labor to put it all together for beds similar to  "The Square Foot Garden"  plan.  For Mother's Day I asked for soapmaking supplies, which my boys graciously did for me, although Ferrell did tell me it was a little embarrassing to go in Walmart to purchase lard, coconut oil, olive oil, rubber gloves, etc. and be asked by the cashier what he was planning to do with all of that.  He told her it was a gift for his mom :)  I can only imagine what she thought.   As for me,  I was delighted.  Gifts for the rest of the family are geared to each one's individual interest.  When Caleb graduated from high school he requested a garden tiller.  Even though it was expensive we went in with my parents and bought him a really nice one which he has been using for four years now.   Heath usually requests tools of some sort, which is fitting since he is a mechanic and the tools are used for years and years.  Ferrell we usually do some books and an assortment of other things like games, etc.  Most of which we purchase way in advance and greatly discounted.  Quite often we give homemade gifts which  in the past have included: bath wraps, baby items (blankets, nursing capes, etc.), bath salts, baked goods, crocheted items, items made from wood (shelves, soap savers, signs) and quilts, which is always a big hit with my boys.   We would love to hear what works for you.

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