Friday, August 20, 2010

Frenzied Friday

I don't know about anyone else, but I really hate days that I have so much to do that I know, before I even start, that I won't get half of it done!    This is one of  those days.  We are not even attempting school today, I know that it's just not going to happen and I refuse to put myself and Ferrell through trying.   

This is our week for church cleaning and mowing, so the day started for the guys (Caleb and Ferrell) about 8:00 this morning.  They went to the church and took care of the yard work (Amanda and I cleaned it yesterday).   When they finished at the church they came home and have started on our yard, which is a fairly large undertaking.   While they have been doing yard work, I went over and helped Amanda with the babies while she was getting Alan off to Kentucky for the weekend.  After he left, I came home and started making soap.  I have gotten so far behind with my soapmaking that I have sold out of almost everything.  I have some people waiting on me to get some more made so I knew that I absolutely HAD to get at least two batches of soap made today.  I did small batches though, so it did not take quite as long, although it will only be enough to fill what has already been ordered.  I will have to take a day next week to get a couple more batches made.   I have just finished cleaning my kitchen and decided to take a 15 minute break, before moving on to the next thing.   I need to get the chicken box cleaned out next and I have a few more things to do in our fall garden while the sun is shining. 

It's a natural assumption that my family would like to have clean clothes to wear so I will also be attacking a mountain of laundry that continues growing, and growing, and growing!!!!  I have been sick the last week or so and still am not feeling very well, so things have really been getting out of control.  Oh well, my break is about over so I guess I better get busy.  Hope ya'll have a great weekend!!!!