Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I have come to the conclusion that deep down, I am a very "conflicted" person.  I have always liked organizing things and having things done a certain way, but have never been able to consistently follow through with my goals in those areas.  By nature I am a "fly by the seat of my pants" type personality.  I love having things organized, but am easily distracted by something (anything) else.   That's why I am so very thankful to be starting a new school year.  Not because I get to send my child off to school (I am a homeschooling mother), but because a new school year brings a routine to my life.  This year, so far, is going very well.  I guess it should be since this is only the second day of school for us.  In the past, by the second day of school my planned routine would have changed numerous times.  I think this year, though, I may have gotten it right.  At least for now.  Due to football season and various other things the schedule could (and probably will) change.  Our schedule for the moment is to get up by 6:00 a.m. ( I know that isn't early to some folks, but to me it is plenty early), and have my quiet time with the Lord.  At 7:00 I wake Ferrell up for his quiet time after which he goes and runs, stretches, and whatever other exercise he feels he should do.  While he is having his quiet time and exercise I cook breakfast.  After eating we are ready to start school (approximately 8:00 or so).  We work on the subjects requiring my help first and then while he works independently I clean house.  By lunch time the house is relatively straight and I can move on to other things like soap making, gardening, playing with my grandchildren, etc.  Whenever Ferrell finishes whatever subjects he has for the day he either does yard work, helps my Dad with a few projects, cleans his room, or whatever else needs doing at the time.  I think I have finally (after 16 years of homeschooling) figured out that the key is for me to do whatever things I "HAVE" to do early and that leaves me free for "distractions" later in the day.  I work very well as long as I have no interruptions.  By the time the phone starts ringing or  people are coming in and out of my house my mind has started going a thousand different directions.  Hopefully this years routine will help me be a more efficient wife and mother.   Really though, whether the routine does or doesn't help my efficiency I am really and truly looking forward to this year of school.  Ferrell and I have lots of plans and lots of projects with or without a routine!

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