Saturday, July 31, 2010

Getting Started

As the title says, Family Made is just getting started into the world of blogging.  We are looking forward to sharing a little bit of our lives with others in the hopes that we will make new friends, share common interests, and maybe learn a little bit in the process :) 

Our most current adventure has been into the world of soap and candlemaking.  We have been making soap for several months now and it has been a real learning experience.   Soapmaking is something that I've always wanted to learn and due to the fact that we have several family members with allergies it just seemed to be the perfect time to start.  We've only had one batch that turned out really bad, but for the most part our soapmaking endeavors have been successful. 

Amanda and I have been working on the soap together, but the candlemaking has been entirely her project so far.  She has always loved the smell of beeswax candles and because it is hard to find beeswax candles she decided to start making her own.   She has done a good job and is beginning to experiment a little with fragrances, etc.  Who knows, maybe we'll have our own business one day.  (A woman can dream can't she ;)

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