Friday, November 19, 2010

Early Preparations

Well, I have been busy making as many preparations for our Thanksgiving meal as I can this far ahead.  Today I went ahead and made the Garlic & Leek Potatoes, cornbread for dressing, mixed the Sweet Potato Pies to be baked tomorrow, a loaf of gluten free bread, two sweet potato casseroles (for church dinner and Thanksgiving), and spiced peaches.  Everything except the spiced peaches will be in the freezer shortly.  The peaches probably won't make it until tomorrow :) 

Tomorrow I will go ahead and cook one of the turkeys, because I need the broth for some of the casseroles I'm making.  Rachel cannot have eggs or chicken so I will be making some homemade "cream of turkey" soup to use in the Broccoli and Rice casserole I'm taking to the church Sunday.  I also plan to make some for the freezer so that Amanda will have it on hand for some things she's planning.  I will be freezing most of this turkey in meal size portions to be used later for soups, stews, casseroles, turkey salad, etc.  We'll be cooking another turkey and also a ham for Thanksgiving Day later. 

I have to say that my house is starting to smell really, really good!  It's so nice to be the cook, because we all know that means we get to sample as we go along.   Rachel "helped" me with the Garlic and Leek potatoes and after we had everything mixed together she just had to have a "taste."  Her tasting led to a bowl of potatoes for her to eat while I put the rest into the pan for freezing.  I am so thankful for my precious little grandaughters. 

Things are usually so hectic around here that it's difficult for us to have a time when the whole family can be together.  I'm really getting excited about having everyone here, at one time, in one place, to celebrate Thanksgiving together.  God is so Good!

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