Monday, October 25, 2010

Making Memories

As an adult I have very few memories of my great-grandparents and no pictures of me with them. I remember a few random things like my Granny giving me paper to draw on and letting me sit on a really thick book to reach the table and my other great grandmother (Mama Ricks) living next door to my Nannie and Big Daddy. My cousin and I would go to her house and sit with her when my family would go to Grenada to visit. Other than that I really don't remember much about them. Both of my great grandfathers died before I was born.

I am so thankful that I still have my parents with me and that my grandaughters have the opportunity to "make memories" with them and I'm here to tell you this grandmother is planning to take lots of pictures so that they can look back as adults and remember just how loved they were.

Mommy and Rachel getting a tractor ride today.

Granny and Ellen watching the tractor ride.

Rachel getting a tractor ride from Grandaddy a year ago.

Ellen needed a ride too!

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