Sunday, September 5, 2010

Nothing As Planned

I had great plans for the latter part of the past week, but as is quite often the case around here, my plans got changed.  I did not get to do all of the bulk cooking I had planned due to some unexpected company (which we greatly enjoyed) and some household issues at Amanda's (like waterlogged floors due to a leaky roof).    We have spent the past several days moving furniture and appliances to be better able to get to the floors that need work.  I am so thankful for sons that are willing to pitch in and help any time there is a job to be done. 

This weeks plans are to do school with Ferrell, finish Amanda's floor, get her furniture and appliances moved back into place, make goats milk soap (at least one batch), and maybe fit in some extra baking  if time allows.  Hopefully, this week's plans will work out better than last weeks plans.  We shall see!


  1. Hi! I am getting my ingredients and supplies together to start making goats' milk soap. Can you share your recipe? I am going to start with a plain soap, not scented but with the milk, coconut oil, lard, maybe vit. E oil and .......? Haven't found a recipe that I really want to try yet. Any help? Websites?

  2. is a good resource for coming up with your own soap recipe. I have used it a good bit. Right now I'm playing around with the goats milk soap and don't exactly know how it's going to turn out yet. is a good site and also,