Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Accomplishments of a Hectic Week

Well, in spite of a fairly hectic week I have been able to get a few things cooked and in the freezer for future meals.  It's always a blessing to have some meals (or parts of meals) already cooked ahead of time for those really "crazy" days.    So far this week I've cooked three LARGE pots of dried beans, six pounds of ground beef (browned and ready for casseroles, chili or taco soup using the already cooked beans), soup and chili (frozen in single serving containers to be used as lunches for our "working men"), and pancakes.  I'm pretty sure that will be all that I get done for the freezer this week as we have football practice tomorrow and I have a meeting on Friday.  All in all I'm feeling like this has been a productive week.  Especially when I throw in the amount of laundry, school, and miscellaneous other tasks that have been accomplished this week :)

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