Thursday, January 19, 2012

Back on Track

After a long and stressful eight months I finally feel as if I am getting back on track.  Ferrell has been able to focus on school a good bit the last two weeks, which is something that we have not had much time for in the last eight months.  Thankfully, he is disciplined enough that he has plugged along in spite of my absences and distractions. 

Today I am cooking big pots of dried beans for the freezer.  I had intentions of canning them, but decided this morning that I'm still not up to doing that.  I am, however, working on a few other things for the freezer which is something that I haven't taken time to do in months and I am really missing my freezer meals. 

Amanda and I went and took inventory of  Mama's freezer this week and found that there is quite a bit of stuff that we will be able to use for our families.  Daddy is thrilled that we will be using the things in the freezer, because he knows that he won't be cooking that much and really hates to see it all go to waste.  Since there were a couple of hams and a turkey in there I will definitely be including those items in some upcoming menus.  If I ever actually get around to planning a menu again :-) 

Well, I still haven't gotten back into the swing of blogging so I guess that's all for now.  Hope eveyone is having a great week.

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  1. Glad you're doing better! Your family has really been through a lot lately!